Pitchflow is a unique platform built for virtual and hybrid sales teams. Stand out with branded and engaging meetings purpose-built for sales and get critical KPIs and insights into your sales teams and sales assets.

GDPR compliant
High security
End-to-end encrypted

The tools you need to increase your virtual sales

Virtual meetings

A branded, measurable meeting room tailor-made for sales. The presenter has 100% control and can share PDFs, slides, videos and more with ease.

Sales rooms

Move on from endless unreadable email threads with outdated documents. Sales rooms give a branded common space for the seller and the buyer to interact.


Collect and control all your sales content in one place. Easily add updated content to any meeting or room, and get complete insights on all content activity.


Understand your virtual sales full insights to the sales process. Meeting analytics, conversation AI insights, content usage analysis, and much more.


Be GDPR compliant, and set processes and rules on how employees can use screen sharing and who can see what recordings, analytics, files, and more.

Integrated with the platforms you love

Just to name a few... Or use our open RestApi to integrate anything.


Supercharge your sales reps with the latest technology to close deals.

Instantly switch between presentation, Face2Face, whiteboard and screensharing. Have all sales assets at your fingertips and crucial functions for closing deals built right in.

“Taking our meetings to a new level”

By switching from Teams to Pitchflow for our sales meetings, we unlocked a completely new level of performance.

Robert Kimber, CEO
Custom logotype, domain and background as well as color control in your meetings
Share and control presentations, PDF´s and videos for your viewers with native quality.
All meetings can be recorded and stored for coaching.
Premium quality
The best audio & video quality on the market.
No downloads
Full in-browser meeting experience for mobile, tabled and desktop
Take notes
Take notes during meetings and have them synked to your CRM
Questions and polls
Engage participants with interesting modules.


For the first time, really understand what happens in your virtual sales meetings.

Measure meetings, meeting time, engagement, how much you sales reps talk compared to the clients, amount of questions and what words they use. Also track what documents and slides are used and how, aswell as what prospects do with your sent documents.

“A whole new level of sales insights”

Pitchflow´s meeting & document analytics has allowed us to understand our B2B sales in a new way that really wasn't possible before.

Fredrik Starke, CEO
Meeting analytics
Make your meetings stand out from your competitor
Asset insights
The best audio & video quality on the market.
Analyze recordings
Analyze recordings of meetings in a whole new way.
Analyze how recievers of content interact and show interest
Customer stats
Understand your customer journey in meetings


Make sure your sales teams has all the assets they need to close deals in one place.

Control all your sales presentations, pdf´s, videos, spreadsheets and more in one place, and make sure they area available always at your sales reps fingertips.

"This saves time and creates structure..."

Thanks to Pitchflow we now have all our sales assets under one roof with complete insights. Also, our sales reps can reach updated assets anywhere and anytime.

Fredrik Starke, CEO
Complete control
All your assets in one system gives your complete overview.
Always updated
With pitchflow, your content is always up to date
Edit presentations
Edit and create slides directly in pitchflow for easy adjustments.
Share your documents in meetings or on their own with one click.
All shared documents gets complete tracking.

“Pitchflow took our digital
sales to the next level”

Using pitchflow made us...

“Pitchflow took our digital
sales to the next level”

Using pitchflow made us...

“Pitchflow took our digital
sales to the next level”

Using pitchflow made us...